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The NEW HORIZONS Association is a non-governmental organisation, founded in 2003 by Roman Gutek. Its main objective is the promotion and popularization of unconventional, artistically challenging cinema. Thanks to such endeavours this type of films have come to be known as New Horizons films in Poland. The association organises film festivals (New Horizons IFF, American Film Festival, and Kids Kino International Film Festival), educational programmes (New Horizons of Film Education), runs a cinema (New Horizons cinema in Wrocław) and distributes films.

Educational programmes and films for junior audiences

Kids Kino International Film Festival would not come to being if it were not for a project of the NEW HORIZONS Association educational department, implemented for more than 10 years – New Horizons of Film Education. The initiative was initially based in Muranów cinema in Warsaw, and is still connected with the venue. Eventually, New Horizons of Film Education have been introduced into other cinemas. Today, this educational project is present in art house cinemas and local cinemas of over 40 cities. The exceptional value of this undertaking is evident in extensive substantive actions connected with film (debates, meetings with guests, multimedia lectures, didactic materials for teachers, workshops, special screenings for the youngest moviegoers). For the last 3 years in autumn the Association has organised reviews of films for children in Muranów cinema and several other theatres in Poland. These screenings gave rise to this year’s Kids Kino International Film Festival. The New Horizons educational activity is not restricted to meetings in art house cinemas and film screenings, but also involves a number of workshop events: workshops for students and teachers on the development of creating films, as well as psychological workshops which treat films as educational tools. More information at www.nhef.pl.

Films for the youngest moviegoers (aged 4-12) are presented each year at the Kids Kino International Film Festival, which promotes a valuable cinema for children and after the festival is over at regular screenings of festival films in theatres all over Poland, workshops for parents. Our film industry initiative Kids Film.Pro is aimed at scriptwriters and producers, supports the development of full-length films for children. In 2017 we established Warsaw Kids Film Forum, an industry part of Kids Kino International Film Festival, an international pitching forum for films and television series aimed at the children’s market

Other New Horizons Festivals and New Horizons Cinema

NEW HORIZONS International Film Festival in Wrocław presents the work of cinema visionaries, uncompromising artists who have the courage to forge their own path regardless of prevailing fads, and to tackle key issues using their own unique language. During the festival, teachers and cultural mangers from all over Poland can participate in film workshops designed especially for them – the New Horizons Summer Academy. After NEW HORIZONS IFF finishes, the most interesting films are screened in selected Polish cities as part of the New Horizons Tournée, and then are released for distribution. American Film Festival presents modern American cinematography which is the reflection of culture and life in the United States. The festival features both the newest titles by acknowledged directors, and films by unknown creators. The event challenges the image of the United States as a giant supermarket, manufacturing products for the global market, films being one of them. This stereotype, firmly rooted in Europe, positions the filmmaking industry across the ocean in false opposition: independent, artistically refined Europe versus commercial America.

The New Horizons Association also runs New Horizons Cinema in Wrocław. Film lovers are familiar with the venue, as since 2006 it has been the main cinema of the biggest film festival in Poland, New Horizons IFF. The New Horizons Association is fully responsible for the cinema’s programming and operation, and Roman Gutek is the venue manager. The cinema’s nine theatres present art and auteur cinema, as well as quality middle-of-the-road cinema. The programme features numerous film education projects, transmissions from the legendary Metropolitan Opera, reviews and festivals, film meetings for children and senior citizens, exhibitions and concerts. The cinema bistro offers great food at affordable prices. There is a poster gallery and a bookshop with film literature and DVDs. The New Horizons Cinema was a part of the Wrocław – the European Capital of Culture 2016 initiative.

new horizons of film education

  • kindergartens | primary | middle | upper-secondary schools
  • more than 40 cities

New Horizons of Film Education is a project aimed at pupils and teachers who would like to watch and discuss thought-provoking quality cinema as part of their classes. The project started in the Muranów cinema a dozen or so years ago – today it is available in over 40 cities. Ambitious, appealing cinema, meetings with guests, multimedia lectures, debates, workshops, interdisciplinary educational materials for teachers who want to refer to the watched films during classes. Every cinema theatre has a programme divided into cycles adjusted to the age and sensitivity level of the audience – pupils of kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and upper secondary school. To find out more about New Horizons of Film Education, visit www.nhef.pl

new horizons academy

  • teachers of all levels of education
  • nationwide project

The New Horizons Academy is an advanced film practice course for educators. It is aimed at people who want to shoot movies and use this skill at school. We work in three individual groups. Two of them consist of teachers from Warsaw and Wrocław, and the third comprises educators from the rest of Poland who meet for classes in Warsaw. Each group has an original curriculum developed by its instructors. The NH Academy classes focus on practical skills involved in shooting a film, and on including filmmaking in school curriculum. Under their instructors’ supervision, the participants learn how to develop a concept and write a script, shoot pictures and edit the film.

More information on New Horizons Academy at www.nhef.pl

education in cinema

  • parents, teachers
  • Warsaw, Wrocław

A film club and a series of psychological and educational workshops. Every two months, after film screenings, debates and workshops on using movies in bringing up children and young adults are organised. New Horizons of Film Education co-organise Education in Cinema in the Warsaw Centre for Socio-Educational Innovation and Training, and Department of Education of the Wrocław City Hall. More about Education in Cinema at www.nhef.pl