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Time for a meeting – 6th Kids Kino International Film Festival 

6th Kids Kino International Film Festival (6. Kids Film IFF) will be held from 21-29 September 2019 in 22 cities around Poland. „Time for a meeting” is this year’s motto and our programme includes over 150 films, two competitions and six sections outside of the competition. Screenings will be accompanied by Q&A’s, meetings with special guests and workshops for kids and adults.

Films from the main competition will be screened in every city giving the audience all over Poland a chance to vote for the best movie. 



Main competition – juries together with the audience will choose 1 out of 9 films to be awarded with a Fern Flower Prize. The films are feature-length, both live action and animation, and screened in different age categories. 

A film discovery competition – a selection showcasing different film styles and genres for young audience simultaneously focusing on fresh and challenging movies. 

Kids Kino with noses in books – film adaptations of both recent and classical literature. 

Short stories – shorts on screen.

Ciao Italia! – focus on Italian cinema. 

Kids Kino Favourites – this section is all about showcasing the most appreciated films from previous editions. 

Stanisław Jędryka retrospective – special section presenting titles chosen from Stanislaw Jędryka’s work and a homage to the director of cult movies for young audience who died last year. 

Panorama – a selection of winning films from previous editions and the latest films for kids that have already been on screen in Polish and European cinemas. 


Kids Kino on Upbringing

Kids Kino on Upbringing is a cycle of workshops and lectures for adults: parents, guardians, teachers and educators.  Some of the topics that will be discussed this year will elaborate on: how to talk about complex emotions with children, films which are suitable while working with emotions, kid’s perception of modern art and many others. 


Collaborating with the cinema

Kids Kino is continuing an event focused on cinema’s employees. This year we will host a second conference: „Young audience cinema – thinking outside the box”. A two day workshop and lectures will focus on building and sustaining an attractive offer for young audience. 

Kids Kino IFF is one of the biggest film festivals for young audience in Poland. With 27 000 spectators last year and loyal cinema goers coming back every year, the festival tries to meet the demand for films that raise children’s awareness. 


The Kids Kino International Film Festival / Kids Film IFF is organized by Education Department of New Horizons Association, Poland.






Main Competition

Jacob, Mimmi and the Talking Dogs

Jēkabs, Mimmi un runājošie suni
dir. Edmunds Jansons
Latvia/Poland, 2019, 70′, English subtitles, animation, age 6+

Jacob and Mimmi are cousins who are not particularly fond of each other. Only until, however, they make friends with a gang of talking dogs. It’s a game changer for those two and great challenges are ahead.

Pettson and Findus: Findus moves out

Pettersson und Findus – Findus zieht um!
dir. Ali Samadi Ahadi
Germany, 2018, 81′, English subtitles,
live action/animation, age 4+

As little tomcat Findus starts growing up, everything around him changes. At first, he just needs a bigger bed but very soon his owner Pettson’s place becomes too small for him too. Findus is on a mission to move out.

Cattle Hill
dir. Lise I. Osvoll
Norway, 2018, 66’, English subtitles, animation, 4+

Klara is a young cow dreaming of becoming a music star. However, not everyone feels that she’s got what it takes. She will be faced with new challenges after moving out from a big city to her father’s farm.


Operation Shadowman
Operasjon Mørkemann
dir. Grethe Bøe-Waal
Norway 2018, 82’, English subtitles, live action, age 6+

Tiril and Oliver have just opened a Detective Agency. Accompanied by their clever dog, two young detectives are working on a new case involving a man in black mysteriously appearing next to an old oak tree.

Louis & Luca – Mission to the Moon
Månelyst i Flåklypa
dir. Rasmus A. Sivertsen
Norway, 2018, 80’, English subtitles, animation, age 6+

In order to make their dream come true, a vigorous magpie Solan and a timid hedgehog Louis enter a dangerous race to the moon. While embarking on an exciting Space adventure, they are in for some surprises.


dir. Benoît Godbout
Canada, 2018, 89’, English subtitles, animation,
age 6+

Only one contestant can win the spectacular sled race. Zac has no scruples about cheating. Will inventive Frankie beat his self-confident opponent?



The Bear’s Famous Invasion of Sicily
La fameuse invasion des ours en Sicile
Dir. Lorenzo Mattotti
France/Italy, 2019, 82’, English subtitles, animation, age 7+

The army of bears is embarking on a quest to find a missing son of their king. While they leave the mountains and head to the city, people are preparing to fight against the suspectedly ferocious beasts. Are bears meant to live in the land of men?

Romy’s Salon
Kapsalon Romy
Dir. Mischa Kamp

Holland/Germany, 2019, 89’, English subtitles, live action, age 9+

In spite of initial resentment, a strong bond is being built between Romy (10) and her grandmother inside a hairdresser salon. All of a sudden the money from grandmas till disappears and the older lady starts to behave in a strange way.

My Extraordinary Summer with Tess

Mijn bijzonder rare week met Tess

Dir. Steven Wouterlood

Holland, 2019, 82’, English subtitles, live action, age 9+

On a family vacation to the seaside, Sam (10) meets a bit eccentric Tess.  The encounter will not only spark off the summer adventure but also encourage mature reflections on what’s really important in life.

The Film Discovery Competition

Willy and the Guardians of the Lake: Winter adventure
Lengemesék 2. Tél a Nádtengeren
Dir. Zsolt Pálfi
Hungary, 2018, 70’, English subtitles, animation, age 5+

Willy is faced with an enormous challenge of protecting the picturesque lakeside from an impending danger. Will he prove his courage and become the guardian of the lakeside?

Dir. Priya Ramasubban
India, 2018, 89’, English subtitles, live action, age 6+

Chuskit, a girl from a remote Himalayan village wants to go to school, just like all the other kids. Even though she is confined to a wheelchair, it doesn’t stop her from chasing her distant dream.



Marona’s fantastic tale
L’extraordinaire voyage de Marona
Dir. Anca Damian
France/Romania/Belgium, 2019, 92’, English subtitles, animation, age 7+

An extraordinary voyage through a dog’s life. Marona is an adorable mutt with no luck to a permanent master. Get a glimpse of a world from a dog’s perspective.


Summer with Rana
Zomer Zonder Mama
Dir. Sanne Vogel
Holland, 2019, 68’, English subtitles, live action, age 9+

Suzan spends the summer at her grandmother’s village where she meets Rana – a Syrian girl from a nearby refugee camp. Despite the initial resentment, they make friends and discover how much they actually have in common.

Daniel fait face
Dir. Marine Atlan
France, 2018, 59’, English subtitles, live action, age 10+

In a small French school, rehearsals for a dance performance are under way as we observe Daniel’s fascination with Marthe, one of his classmates and the leading actress in the show.


Children of the Snow Land
Dir. Zara Balfour, Marcus Stephenson
UK/Nepal, 2018, 93’, English subtitles, documentary, age 10+

A tale of three children who are heading back to their native villages high up in the Nepalese mountains after completing years of education in the city.



A First Farewell
Di yi ci de li bie
Dir. Lina Wong
China, 2018, 86’, English subtitles, live action, age 11+

Isa and Kalbinur live in a beautiful surroundings of a Chinese province. While time passes by, their life transforms in a profound way. Isa has to cope with his mother’s disease and Kalbinur’s worrying about a future possibility of changing schools.

Tolek Banan & others – Stanisław Jedryka Retrospective

I Bet on Tolek Banan
Stawiam na Tolka Banana
Dir. Stanisław Jędryka
duration: 68′
Klondike, Poland, 1973
Karioka, Poland, 1973, English subtitles, live action, age 8+

A song theme to this cult TV series is hummed by generations until today. Follow the adventures of a few lost boys who learn the true meaning of a catchphrase: All for One and One for All under the wings of a mysterious Tolek Banan.

Shoot Paragon
Dir. Stanisław Jędryka
Poland, 1969, 94’, English subtitles, live action, 8 +

Witness an intense rivalry over a football court between two teams. Team members of „Mermaid” place their faith in Paragon – their best player. Does he have what it takes to win?



Trip for One Smile
Podróż za jeden uśmiech
Dir. Stanisław Jędryka
Poland, 1972, 86’, English subtitles, live action, age 8+

Two inventive boys go hitchhiking together around Poland. Will the go-getter Poldek and cautious Duduś arrive safely at the seaside?




Gordon and Paddy
dir. Linda Hambäck
Sweden, 2017, 65′, English subtitles, animation, age 4+

A beautifully animated story of a friendship between a little mouse and a police chief toad, who join forces to protect the forest inhabitants. Will their wit be enough to solve another crime mystery?


Pettson i Findus maly klopot (6)

Pettson and Findus: The Best Christmas Ever
Pettersson und Finduѕ– Das schönste Weihnachten überhaupt
dir. Ali Samadi Ahadi
Germany, 2016, 82′, English subtitles, feature/animation, age 4+

An adaptation of illustrated children’s books, in which the pair of protagonists, cat Findus and Pettson, who looks after him, are preparing for the upcoming Christmas.

JerryMaya’s Detective Agency – The First Mystery
LasseMajas detektivbyrå – Det första mysteriet
dir. Josephine Bornebusch
Sweden, 2018, 95’, English subtitles, feature, age 6+

First case for the Lasse and Maia Detective Office! A valuable prize disappears before the start of an important competition at the school in Valleby. Can children find it?


Kapitan Morten 12

Captain Morten and the Spider Queen Captain Morten and the Spider Queen
dir. Kaspar Jancis, Henry Nicholson, Riho Unt
Estonia, Belgium, Ireland, Great Britain, 2018, 79’, English subtitles, animation, age 6+

10-year-old Morten Viks wants to be just as his dad. He builds a model of a ship and dreams of a sea expedition far, far away. Unexpectedly, he shrinks to the size of the insect and becomes the captain of his boat. However, sailing is not as simple as it may seem…


Mirai nо Mirai
dir. Mamoru Hosoda
Japan, 2017, 100’, English subtitles, animation, age 6+

A great change awaits spoiled Kun: his younger sister, Mirai, appears in his family, and becomes the focus of his parents’ attention. Soon the boy discovers a mysterious garden in which he travels in time and meets an older version of his sister.


I am William
Jeg er William
dir. Jonas Elmer
Denmark, 2017, 86’, English subtitles, feature, age 9+

William considers himself unlucky, and life challenges him all the time. The boy must convince himself that he has strength and cunning, and that fate sends tips on how to get out of trouble.

Łowcy czarownic najlepsze

The Witch Hunters
dir. Raško Miljković
Serbia, Macedonia, 2018, 86’, English subtitles, feature, age 9+

Two friends, shy Jovan and feisty Milica, decide to find a witch and remove the curse placed on the girl’s dad. Will they succeed? Or maybe the boy is facing an even greater challenge?


Supa Modo (1)

Supa Modo
Supa Modо
dir. Likarion Wainaina
Kenia, Germany, 2018, 74’, English subtitles, feature, age 9+

Jo is a supergirl. She moves objects with her willpower, stops time and even changes the result of a football match. Now she must face the biggest challenge in her life.